About the families…

In 2013 Johan Swanepoel’s family arrived in Gippsland from South Africa for a new start. Johan initially started working as a relief milker on an Aussie dairy farm south of Trafalgar and become very good friends with his boss, Rob Low. But after working for nearly five and a half years, the dairy downturn meant the farm could no longer employ him, and Johan had to look for other opportunities. 

Early 2019, Johan went to Rob with the idea of a biltong business. Rob was sceptical at first but was convinced by Johan’s passion for the product. Like most South Africans, Johan’s family has always made biltong and his recipe is family tradition that has been refined over time to what it is today.

Rob and another friend Angela backed Johan’s business idea and they started to build the production facility. An amalgamation of the words “Aussie” and “Swanepoel” produced the company name: Auswan Beef. The distinctive swoosh of the s    means you’ll always be able to identify our products on the web and on the shelves. So be on the lookout for AUSWAN Biltong.

This is a true small family run company where the owners are involved in all aspects of the business to ensure the consistency and quality of the biltong. Johan does his utmost to deliver the best produce possible, and working with   retailers, and a wide network of friends and contacts keeps Johan motivated.  With persistence, Australians are coming to know and love biltong, and Johan thoroughly enjoys his job.

So our message to you is to try Auswan Biltong.  We’re sure you will like it, so why don’t you include it in your next meal or enjoy it as a healthy snack. 

Auswan Beef “Biltong” Story

Johan’s dream of a biltong business ultimately became a reality in Gippsland, as two country boys – an Australian and a South African – came together to set up Auswan Beef “Biltong”.

Johan’s secret recipe is a product of many years of observation and experimentation. With help from Rob, both their wives as well as special friend Angela, Auswan Biltong is crafted to perfection. We use only prime cuts of superior grade beef, which we cut into strips and add only the freshest mix of our secret spices. The biltong is then air dried at a low temperature using a purpose built drier, which is why Auswan biltong is so delicious!

The final product has a unique texture and tenderness, superbly dried on the outside and with a juicy burst of flavours waiting on the inside. Auswan Beef’s biltong is the only snack of its type handcrafted to perfection in Gippsland. Others have tried, but they cannot come close to our delicious product. Biltong is a healthier alternative to jerky which is low sugar, high protein, soft and easy to chew. So whether you’re heading out into the outdoors for an adventure or simply want a delicious snack, enjoy the biltong from Auswan Beef.