Our Biltong is guarantee by the owners’ of Auswan Beef Pty Ltd and will replace or refund 100 % of the product purchased. However, any complaint or problems must be reported within 14 days after the purchasing date, and we will greatly address this ASAP. Because Biltong is a meat product please read the instructions before open any pouch or box as we are or will not be responsible for any product from Auswan Beef Pty Ltd if spoiled or damage by leaving the product unattended in the sun or close to water and in wet conditions. Bacteria and mould will develop that maybe be harmful to humans if not treated well.

If you as a client or any person that ordered our products and believe that our product is spoiled or does not taste well, you need to notify us immediately via our contact details on the back of our product pouches or from this Web Site. Also send us the product for further investigation which may lead to send it off to a Laboratory for best results.

Our guaranties lies in that we will refund you in full or on your consent replace the product with a new batch on our cost.